25 thoughts on “Worst Lawyer Advertisements”

  1. “I pick up the phone, I answer calls, I return letters, and I make jail
    ’cause I’ll probably be there visiting my friends anyways”


  2. LMAO!!! What in the entire FUCK?? If I was a criminal up there, I’d
    gladly call him. I agree with him, anyone that guarantees you how the
    outcome of a case will be is a liar and a scumbag. 

  3. How is this real when at the very end the guy rattling off the disclaimer
    says “this video is satire for entertainment” (paraphrasing)? No I wouldn’t
    hire him, because I don’t do mess like that….or live in PA. 

  4. Hey I hope you do copyright violation cases! Cause I’m about to commit a
    crime as I steal this video of youtube!

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