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Attorney David A. Domina appeared in court last Friday to deliver his closing arguments before Judge Stephanie Stacy in a case that challenges the constitutionality of LB 1161, the legislation that gave Governor Dave Heineman, and consequently TransCanada, the authority to invoke eminent domain on Nebraska landowners. Mr. Domina contends that this particular bill, passed by the Nebraska legislature in 2012, violated four specific components of the Nebraska legislation. The bill gave Gov. Heineman authority over two subjects that it cannot delegate. LB 1161 gave the governor powers that rightfully belonged to the Public Service Commission, also in the executive branch of Nebraska’s government. Watch the video to see Mr. Domina’s complete closing arguments challenging legislation related to the TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline in Nebraska.
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  1. Watch David Domina’s closing arguments in a case that challenges the
    constitutionality of #LB1161 , the legislation that gave Gov. Heineman (and
    #TransCanada ) the authority to invoke #eminentdomain against #Nebraska
    landowners for the #KeystoneXL #pipeline .

    Landowner’s Constitutional Challenge Lawsuit to NE Law LB 1161 Affects
    Keystone XL Pipeline´╗┐

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