24 thoughts on “Fight In Divorce Court”

  1. Gee I wonder wonder why she decided to leave him. Could it be his temper,
    his inability to control his impulses or the fact that he is a retarded
    violent nut job?

  2. Now you see what happens to a man when he is fighting for his kids and the
    women have every advantage from the judge. It’s really quite sad that men
    are always getting fucked over by female judges in divorce hearings. That
    is why men are capable of losing it like this man did. 

  3. I love seeing girl cops because clearly they lack the ability to be police.
    They always stand by the side or try to arrest people but have to call for
    a male

  4. he snapped because that black cop put his hands on him…..there was no
    reason for him to put his hands on his shoulder in the first place…so he
    snapped…..some people do have a reflex….and for the woman below me who
    said this is a typical male behavior…??…what kind of men are you
    dating? because I can assure you not all men behave this way….sometimes
    the guys you attract has a lot to do with the way you are internally….

  5. Look at this man and his anger. Do you want someone like this parenting

    You don’t want someone with anger issues owning guns.

  6. Why is it in a lot of these courtroom tapes, the “security” seems so inept
    at restraining them? They appear physically unable to move efficiently, or
    they’re scared. Just an observation. 

  7. Or maybe he flipped out because his ex-wife put him thru the ringer and
    took him thru hell…and he finally hit the breaking point?

  8. I agree with the judge. You own firearms with kids in the house, it belongs
    in a safe. It’s common sense. 

  9. This guys my new hero! Family Courts always fuck over and ruin men and we
    all know it. It’s absolutely and horribly corrupt and unfair. Good for
    him. Go out swinging brotha! Don’t give the cock suckers the

  10. I’m gonna assume this guy has been through the divorce shredder, almost
    assuredly lost half if not most of his shit and now he’s about to lose his
    kids. Gentlemen, do not get married. I repeat, do not get married. Do some
    research, you will be amazed at how much the deck is stacked against you.. 

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