Ernesto Sigmon Lawyer Houston Video Blog

One of the things we like to do here is keep an eye on up and coming attorneys and see exactly what they are doing to promote their young practice.

Mr. Sigmon has been making a ton of videos lately. Recently he started a lawyer video blog where he goes to interesting locations in his city and just addresses common legal questions that his clients have.

Many lawyers have had great success with video marketing because it is the most effective medium for establishing a relationship with your audience. My prediction is that if Mr. Sigmon keeps this up he will soon become known as the best personal injury lawyer in Houston.

Even though he was initially known as the go to car accident lawyer in Houston, I think these videos will really help him branch out and possibly become “THE” lawyer in Houston.

The great thing about making videos for your law firm is that the extra publicity get’s you noticed by major players in your industry, like the American Bar Association, who asked him to write about Houston plaintiff’s lawyer issues, and, who had him comment on alternative legal careers from a personal injury attorney perspective.

All in all, it looks like Mr. Sigmon hired the right publicist and we are going to keep an eye on this Houston lawyer.

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